The Holo story

This is Holo

From one meeting to another, hurry home to pick up from daycare, a coffee with friends in between work and bedtime stories. A morning run, a coffee to go and a call with a client in the car to work. Then lunch with a colleague, trying to plan the weekend and what should I cook this evening? Wait did I not forget to pack the fruit in the schoolbag today? Or maybe I did?

This is the reality for many of us. Life is for sure running fast. We just hold on and go with the flow. Having a career and trying to be a good parent, friend, partner, person, daughter, son, boss and colleague is not always easy. And at the same time you should try to manage to fit in some time to take care of yourself. go to the gym or train for an Iron man. And I don't even have time to go to the hairdressers or book that time at the dentist you think. How can you even talk about starting with beauty rituals, products and routines.

This is the reality also for us. We love the challenges it throws us and the speed of an active life. But we also realized there was a need for a brand on the market that really catered to the well-being of women and men - who like us in the middle of our careers wanted to get results and that the way to them should be as smooth as possible. The fact is also that when you look yourself in the mirror after a bad nights sleep (and trust me it was not bad because we spent it on the dance-floor) or rather some years of bad sleep, you also realize you have to do something. When we started testing the first products we soon realized that it was not only us that liked the simplicity and the result orientation of them but also our partners. Collagen sticks would rapidly disappeared from the cupbord and we could nothing but smile and notice a glow appear. We took it as a sign that both active men and women are actually looking for simple, result-oriented and functional solutions.

This is why we started Holo. We wanted to create a wellness brand with products that really works. With functional and proven ingredients that would fit easily into our lifes. Without hassle, just smooth and easy. With daily dose packaging, perfect and active ingredients, easy ordering and deliveries all packed in a stylish brand of course.

So this is our story until now. Now lets create the future together.

Be you. Be Holo.

With love
the Holo team